Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Dress

Finding the perfect dress can be the best and worst part of prom. 
The best part is that you get to feel like a princess. Dress shopping is the best. Trying on dresses with your friends is the best way to bond with your girls before prom, and you know that their opinions matter because, well, they're your friends! They'll help you find the best dress to suit you. 
With dress shopping comes incredible stress, though. The worst feeling is finding the perfect dress and realizing that it's out of your price range, or finding an awesome dress that a friend of yours wants for herself, too. But there are solutions to both of those prom-blems (haha, get it? Man, am I witty.), and I'm gonna help you with any other dress-related problems that get thrown your way. 

Here are some links! 
Dress Troubles

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